On this page I would like to share some bigger projects that I have been working on. Projects are divided into categories, so the next time you visit the site it can be easier to find ;)


  • Vertex Engine - project of an engine to create simple games and grind my skills in C++ and OpenGL programming . For now, the project is focused on developing graphics parts.

  • RapidGL - a framework for rapid OpenGL demos prototyping. This is the side project for testing new rendering techniques before implementing them in Vertex Engine.

  • Vertextracer - project of a simple raytracer that allows you to render quite realistically-looking scenes. It supports several light sources (directional, point), supports various materials (opaque, reflective refractive - Fresnel’s equation). In addition, it has various antyaliasing methods (removing the jagged edges), and rendering is done using multithreading.

  • strutil - easy to use, header only C++ 11 std::string utility library.

University projects

  • Master’s thesis - Complex scenes rendering optimization with OpenGL 4.5 - covers utilization of OpenGL 4.5 AZDO features, including Compute Shaders in scenes that need huge computational power based on cloth simulation with self-collisions. More information can be found at this link. This is a RAR archive where I’ve included the thesis and a demo application showing the results.

  • Bachelor’s thesis - Dual quaternion based character animation - the purpose of this work was to compare the two methods of skinning-Linear Blend Skinning and Dual-Quaternion Skinning. You can find more information under link. This is a RAR archive, where I’ve included the thesis and a demo application showing the results.

  • ZenGame - this game was awarded a special commendation for communication with the user during the 5th edition of Polish Game Creation Challenge organized by Lodz University of Technology. In this project, I was responsible for creating the graphics engine and writing shaders with HLSL. I also took part in developing the plot, characters, locations. Everything was created with XNA framework and C#.