I am a graduate of the Technical University of Łódź (Poland), who has a passion for computer games (+ development) and 3D graphics programming. The interest in games/computers appeared in the moment of getting the first game on the Pegasus.

More specifically, I am interested in real time rendering. This passion has appeared in 2011, when on a study course, a teacher told us to create graphical application using OpenGL library (of course, there were subtasks that were leading to the bigger project). Later on, I got to the internship, where I deepened my knowledge (in practise) about OpenGL technology. During this practise, I was totally absorbed with creating shaders, because writing them was so exciting. After the internship, I decided to go in the direction of real time rendering topics and I also decided to create a blog about it.

I belevie that knowledge presented on this blog will be easy to understand for everybody who is interested in this topic. If you have any questions, please fill out the form below 🙂

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