Good morning, welcome all visitors! I regret to have to conclude that the basic OpenGL 4.x course that I tried to lead, I decided to end. But fear not, dear! The blog will take the form of mini-courses dealing with the more complex things related to computer graphics, OpenGL 4.x and Vulkan - e.g. character animation using dual quaternions, global illumination, describing experiences and problems while creating my own game engine.

For those, however, who would like to learn modern OpenGL I recommend the following pages:

Both courses are in English, but personally I recommend the first one. The author knows his stuff, and you can really learn the basics of OpenGL and three-dimensional graphics.

As for tutorials, which have been published on this blog - they will not be removed, although they contain some factual errors, so please do not treat them as some kind of holiness.

If, however, someone was unable to learn the English language and it is hard to assimilate above recommended courses, please such persons to me write me a message. If I see that a lot of people are interested in Polish translations, I will write to the author of one of the above courses to ask for the permission to translate his work.

This is all when it comes to OpenGL 4 course on this blog. Thank you very much for your support and kind comments and hope to see you in future posts! If you have any questions, please write them in the comments! :)